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Paving the Way for a Sustainable Hoi An

EMIC Hospitality is an Ecotourism & Hospitality Alliance in Hoi An, offering a comprehensive range of services that enhance the entire guest experience from accommodations, cuisine, and wellness retreats, to tours and more - all centred around responsible tourism. With 5 business units working as one - Sea'lavie Boutique Resort & Spa, EMIC Travel, The Field Restaurant, Refillables, and La Luna Spa, we are paving the way for a Sustainable Hoi An.

EMIC Hospitality Hoi An
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Responsible Approach

Established in Hoi An in 2012, EMIC Hospitality has witnessed the rapid growth & impact of tourism in Hoi An places us in delivering extraordinary travel & hospitality that surpasses mere satisfaction, with a more sustainable and responsible approach.

We recognize we aspire to redefine the tourism industry by challenging the notion of "ECO or EGO?"

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Outstanding service

Our unwavering dedication is evident in the creation of a sustainable ecosystem that encompasses accommodations, cuisine, wellness retreats, organic farms and much more.

As a catalyst, our five business units join hands to collaborate and contribute to shaping a resilient and thriving future for Hoi An and its neighboring community.

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Sustainable Journey

Going beyond the traditional definition of businesses and hospitality, we strive to inspire and encourage others to join us on this transformative journey, making changes in every action we do to safeguard the local culture & rejuvenate the natural ecological balance of Hoi An.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be the pioneering sustainable ecosystem in transforming the tourism industry, enriching the preservation and development of Hoi An as a top eco-friendly destination through responsible travel practices

Our Mission

Inspire travellers to discover our beautiful planet, ensuring exceptional experiences while fostering a tourism approach that safeguards the local culture, rejuvenates the natural environment, and enriches the lives of all those touched by our ecosystem.

Our core values


EMIC Hospitality is dedicated to delivering unique and authentic experiences, connecting guests with local culture and environment.


EMIC Hospitality focuses on creating strong partnerships for sustainability and enriching the local community.


We are dedicated to eco-friendly practices, actively working to preserve the natural environment.


We aim to inspire emotions positively and nurture a sense of belonging among guests, our units, and the local community.


We integrate our products, services, and operations into the ecosystem to align with our sustainability goals.

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What makes us unique?

Our efforts aim to create tourism services that respect and benefit Hoi An's environment, local community, and culture

B2B program
B2B program

Back to Basic experience in a natural setting

Community Base
Community Base
Together with the local community we protect, preserve our surroundings and share the benefit
Zero Waste Approach
Zero Waste Approach
Garden-to-table (B2T) food concept; On-site organic & non-organic waste management programs
Climate Actions
Climate Actions

Regenerative Agriculture; Carbon offset through tree planting projects

Locally sourced materials & ingredients; Cultural experiences; Hands-on activities
Icon subOur Philosophy

We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly

At Emic Hospitality, we believe in the power of collective action. We’re far from perfect, but we’re making efforts to driver positive change and inspire milions of people to join us on the journey towards a more sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference.

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Icon subOur sustainable partners

"Who is part of the EMIC Hospitality Sustainable Tourism Alliance?"

For a sustainable Hoi An future, we unite as a "green alliance" to develop local ecotourism while protecting the environment and preserving cultural heritage.

Eco-friendly beachfront retreat in Hoi An.
Eco-friendly beachfront retreat in Hoi An.

Sea'Lavie on An Bang Beach invites you to reconnect with blissful tranquility amidst pristine sands or rustling palms. We embrace sustainable practices, from soap recycling and eco-friendly materials to the reduction of single-use plastics, or host engaging recycling, making your stay as enriching as it is eco-conscious. Sea'Lavie fosters a connection with nature while promoting responsible tourism.

Riverside Restaurant with regenerative garden.
Riverside Restaurant with regenerative garden.

Savor "Garden to Table" Vietnamese cuisine crafted from the freshest local ingredients including vegetables harvested from our on-site organic garden. We forward sustainability by turning Bio-waste into valuable resources for fostering a regenerative garden. At The Field Restaurant, you don't just enjoy delicious food, you also contribute to building a green, clean, and beautiful living environment.

Spa & Wellness with 100% natural herbal in Hoi An
Spa & Wellness with 100% natural herbal in Hoi An

Embark on a sensory journey at La Luna Spa. Experience the signature Ashiatsu massage, an ancient therapy of deep pressure and flowing footwork that melts away tension. We use 100% natural herbs, bought from the village elders who have been cultivating and harvesting medicinal plants and herbs for generations, uplifting both body and spirit and weaving wellness into the local community. La Luna Spa nurtures your body, mind, and spirit especially!

Central Vietnam's first refillable concept store & resistant trees grower.
Central Vietnam's first refillable concept store & resistant trees grower.

Proudly Central Vietnam's first Refill concept store, Refillables Hoi An welcomes all to a greener way of life. You can bring your containers to stock up on eco-friendly products find essential oils, recycled soaps, organic fertilizers, or herbal medicine,… at reasonable rates here. Moreover, Refillables Hoi An goes beyond a store. Its nursery cultivates drought-tolerant and resistant plants that prevent erosion and enrich poor soil, supporting local livelihoods. Experts here also guide to help individuals and organizations lighten their ecological footprint.

Ecological tour organizers in Hoi An
Ecological tour organizers in Hoi An

EMIC Hospitality are a professional organizer for eco-tours in Hoi An. We offers many journey foward sustainable tourism that blend Hoi An's culture, rural landscapes, and local traditions such as Vietnamese Village Market Festival, Recycling soap class, Basket boat tour at Bay Mau Water Coconut Forest, etc.... Beyond sightseeing, you will gain more practical experiences by learning from the daily life of rural communities and participating in environmental protection activities.

Purpose Branding & Digital Marketing in Sustainable Industry
Purpose Branding & Digital Marketing in Sustainable Industry

Enosta offers purpose-driven Branding & Digital Marketing that fosters change toward sustainability. We unlock deeper customer insights and market trends through professional research, then create that into impactful branding strategies, digital marketing strategies, and tactics to grow your brands on digital platforms. Our expertise helps you turn your vision for a sustainable future into a thriving reality in the eco-tourism industry.