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EMIC Hospitality

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EMIC is a Hoi An-based ecosystem built up by five business units collaborating to
establish the city as a sustainable ecotourism destination.

We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste
perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly

From Anne-Marie Bonneau

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Paving the Way for a Sustainable Hoi An

EMIC is driven by a deep-rooted commitment to challenge the norms and embrace an
ultimate purpose - Pave the way for a Sustainable Hoi An.
EMIC Hospitality Hoi An
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Responsible Approach

Established in Hoi An in 2012, EMIC has witnessed the rapid growth & impact of tourism in Hoi An places us in delivering extraordinary travel & hospitality that surpasses mere satisfaction, with a more sustainable and responsible approach.

We recognize we aspire to redefine the tourism industry by challenging the notion of "ECO or EGO?"

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Outstanding service

Our unwavering dedication is evident in the creation of a sustainable ecosystem that encompasses accommodations, cuisine, wellness retreats, organic farms and much more.

As a catalyst, our five business units join hands to collaborate and contribute to shaping a resilient and thriving future for Hoi An and its neighboring community.

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Sustainable Journey

Going beyond the traditional definition of businesses and hospitality, we strive to inspire and encourage others to join us on this transformative journey, making changes in every action we do to safeguard the local culture & rejuvenate the natural ecological balance of Hoi An.

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Discover Our Sustainable Ecosystem


Enjoy exceptional accommodation at Sea'lavie

Nestled along Hoi An’s coastline, Sea’lavie Boutique Resort offers eco-friendly resort accommodation with spacious villas and suites.

With a minimalist interior design in harmony with the countryside setting, Sea’lavie helps you immerse yourself in a quiet and peaceful space with nature.


Experience dining at The Field Restaurant

Serving farm-fresh cuisine, The Field Restaurant utilizes organic herbs, vegetables and ingredients sourced directly from our regenerative garden.

With its rustic yet refined setting overlooking paddy fields and the surrounding countryside, The Field is an ideal destination for a wide variety of private & corporate groups.

Private dining

Private dining

Local Signature

Local Signature

Icon subWellness and Spa

Immerse yourself in wellness therapy with La Luna Spa

La Luna Spa offers relaxing wellness treatments to soothe your mind as a happiness station for relaxation, stress relief and
overall well-being.

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Body care

Ashiatsu, Traditional

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Mind care

Private Reiki, Full moon ceremony

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Take care of both

Healing Traditional massage

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Experience exciting trips with EMIC

EMIC tour services lead you to excursions that immerse authentically in Hoi An's culture, locals and rural scenery.

- 63%
sunset boat trip on thu bon river
- 67%
exploring cham island
- 32%
Lantern making Thanh Dong organic farm
- 34%
new tag
- 28%
Motorbike Adventure Hoi An Countryside
- 12%
605 dining on paddy field
- 12%
cussin project
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Enrich your understanding of Hoi An

The Refillable Hoi An - 1
The Refillable Hoi An - 1
Thanh Dong organic farm
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Captivating Moments: A Glimpse of EMIC